Phone Mount

Regular price $39.99

Meet the Pearl Magnetic Phone Mount: your new phone holder


Designed to install easily in any car, it has two interchangeable bases so you can find the perfect spot. Clip it to your vent or anchor it to your dash and easily access your favorite apps, like maps, music, and podcasts.

No clunky cradle here. Gracefully mount your phone with one hand. Just stick one of the thin, metal plates on your phone or underneath your phone case, and you're ready to go.

With a black chrome, carbon steel gimbal as its centerpiece, the Phone Mount offers 140 degrees of rotation, giving you the best view of your screen. And, it stays in place -- no matter how often you adjust it or how bumpy the road.

Comes with a 3M adhesive backing or the interchangeable AC vent clip, the rubber mount, and two adhesive magnetic plates.